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Software Engineer

Our team and technological infrastructure is extremely efficient and is currently over 90% automated. We are looking for software engineers that can help us expand while maintaining code robustness and efficiency. The successful candidate should be a problem solver that is interested in adapting new, but proven, technologies.


  • Development with Python 3 and aware of PEP8/best practices
  • 2+ years of experience using C++ in a professional environment
  • Experience and comfort across the Linux stack
  • Familiarity with some form of messaging system (i.e. GRPC, 0MQ, Kafka)
  • Ability to learn fast and adapt independently


  • Docker, AWS, git - used across all applications: knowing best practicies on containerization a huge plus
  • MySQL/ISO SQL, Spark, CUDA, C#, GRPC, 0MQ are all in our stack, but they may be learned on the job
  • Awareness of the Linux kernel (or general knowledge of operating system internals) for diagnosing low-level issues
  • Knowledge of statistics, financial derivatives, back-testing/model simulation, and market micro-structure a plus (must have desire to learn and improve)

Please email with your resume to apply.

Lake Hill is an equal opportunity employer.